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Teresa Ontko is a freelance proofreader and copyeditor focusing her skills to refine business correspondence for her clients. She is available to provide proofreading or copyediting services, or a combination of the two, helping your business documents and correspondence to be free of typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Call or email Teresa and she will work with you to determine which service(s) you may need for your project.

Teresa Ontko is a project management professional with 30 years of experience in project and business relationship management, analysis, business solutions, sales, and communications. She has worked in various industries.

In the companies where Teresa worked, she was often considered the person to use for proofreading business correspondence, request for proposals (RFPs), power point presentations, tradeshow materials, graphic materials that included text, and quality control review of end-user documentation, to name a few.


Teresa was born and raised in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Tourism Management, Teresa started her career in the oil and gas industry where she led the development of gasoline and convenience store retail site databases and retail site selection decisions. Teresa was the project manager for custom software development, becoming a subject matter expert for the end-user, and advancing her skills in business analysis and building client relationships. Teresa spent two years in cellular sales, expanding both individual and corporate customer relationship skills.

Teresa moved to the Oklahoma City metro area and reentered the oil and gas industry, working with a marketing and distribution company in the retail gasoline and convenience store industry where she held management positions in marketing, computer graphics, inside sales, product and project management. She was instrumental in building and maintaining client relationships with major oil company category managers. Teresa transitioned to the energy industry working for a local public utility. She held project management and portfolio analysis roles in the Smart Grid program and Project Management Office.

Teresa currently holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification (since 2008), and a Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) certification (since 2017) through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Do you want to maintain your professional image?

Let Teresa help you maintain your professional image by ensuring your written words are spelled correctly and sentences are clear with proper punctuation.

She will go beyond spell check to look for the correct word usage such as: to, too, or two – accept or except – past or passed. There are many of these types of words that can easily creep into a sentence when you least expect it.

Proofreading your own work and depending on spell check is never recommended. You know what you intended to write and your brain will read the words you intended when they are not on the page.

How do your clients and industry feel about typos?

In a recent study, the top industries where typos were considered unacceptable are:

  • Business Support and Logistics
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Government
  • Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
What is the difference between Proofreading and Copyediting?

Proofreading – proofreading ensures that your mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting) are flawless. A proofread does not address content or style issues; it is intended as the final edit before a piece is published or printed.

Copyediting – copyediting can involve many different tasks: correcting grammar, fixing punctuation, adjusting words and sentences. It involves a closer reading of the text, which helps catch potentially embarrassing inconsistencies and factual problems.

Rates and Services

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Quotes are on a per-project basis. Your project estimate will include research time, reading and/or editing time, two meetings, and one round of revisions. Additional meetings and revisions will be at an additional cost. Every project is different which makes it difficult to give rates. You’re welcome to call or email to discuss your project needs.

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On all projects a 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. 

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Proofreading and Copyediting

If you have a project that is not listed below, contact Teresa to
determine if she is available to work on it for you:

  • Marketing Brochures

  • Direct Mail Pieces

  • Product Specification Sheets

  • Product Documentation

  • Corporate Image Pieces

  • Executive Profiles

  • Business Plans

  • Business Capability Statements

  • Business/Personal Correspondence

  • Tradeshow Communications

  • Sales Sheets

  • Sales Promotions

  • Post Cards

  • Event Scripting

  • Internal Communications

  • Website Content